We provide complete piano bass string-making services (all strings spun using top quality German steel and copper wire) :

These can be made to samples, rubbings (paper templates), or specifications. If sending samples, send all strings strictly in order on a piece of wire, preferably with the wire cut just below the tuning pin coil. Indicate any missing strings with a cardboard washer. When a rubbing is sent, please also include the first and last strings to allow me to accurately interpret the rubbing. If you are unsure of the best way to take a rubbing, please give me a ring. If you are sending specifications, list information for each string (see below for odd strings). In all cases, please quote Make, Model & Serial No. of piano if possible, as well as the total number of Monochords (Singles), Bichords (Doubles) and Trichords (wound triples). Indicate also the number of Break-Notes (wound strings on the tenor bridge). We have a vast library of scales for all makes and models of pianos, so in many cases it is possible to make a set of strings knowing only the make, model and serial number.


We stock a comprehensive range of German and Japanese hammer heads for both upright & grand pianos. Upright hammer heads are available pre-bored or un-bored, or may be custom-bored (and cut if required) from samples. Grand hammer heads are usually supplied un-bored or custom-bored.

CUSTOM BORING AND CUTTING For custom boring, send end hammers from each section, together with shanks, and state the number of hammers in each section.

CUSTOM-MADE HAMMERS Occasionally, hammers cannot be supplied from stock and must be custom-made by our German supplier (Abel). We can order a set of custom-made hammers for you on the basis of the samples you supply (see above).The cost is usually not much greater than an equivalent set from stock, but obviously supply may take significantly longer.

Piano and music wire

We stock a complete range of sizes of Piano Wire (Music Wire). This is high tensile polished steel wire as used in pianos and other musical instruments.

Piano wire (music wire) has also many applications outside the music industry for springs, string lines, cutting and so on, wherever tensile strength and elasticity are paramount. The wire is manufactured by Roslau in Germany and is of the highest quality.

We stock mainly 500g (1/2 Kg) rolls in all sizes from 0.20mm – 1.70mm (40 different sizes in all). Some sizes are available also in 2kg rolls. The wire has very high breaking strain for its diameter and is perfectly elastic within its elastic limits (it will return to its un-stretched length once tension is released). Tin-plated wire is available also in some sizes.

Please download our Catalogue to view the full range of piano wire (music wire) that we stock. Should you have any questions concerning our piano wire, please give us a ring at our Sydney factory on (02) 9451 3500.


Most piano felts and leathers are available in pre-cut strips or in bulk quantities.
Felts include back rail felt, bearing cloth, box cloth, bushing cloth, celeste (practice rail) felt, check felt, cushion felt, damper felt, damper sets, hammer rail felt, name-board felt, over-damper felt, pressure-bar felt, spring rail felt, stringing braid and frame cord.

Action leather is available in strings or in bulk. We have also a full range of sizes of felt punchings.


We stock a full range of piano hammer heads, both German (Abel) and Japanese (Imadegawa). These hammer head sets are available in many standard sizes, both pre-bored and un-bored, and with Hornbeam or Mahogany cores.

THE ABEL RANGE includes also special sets for specific pianos (Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway, Bechstein, Bluthner, etc.), and the standard range is available in both regular and Natural Felt (in which the felt is enzyme-washed to better preserve the integrity of the felt). The standard range includes five different lengths of piano hammer for straight-strung pianos.

We offer also a piano hammer Custom-boring Service. Many of our customers prefer to have the hammer heads custom-bored to supplied samples, so that they can then be fitted with a minimum of regulation. What we then require are the end hammers from each section (together with the shank assemblies, so that both angles of boring can be accurately determined), and the number of hammers in each section.


We stock a full range of piano parts and piano action parts, including piano key tops (key coverings), sharps, key leads, bridle (action) tapes, hammer shanks, hammer butts, centre pins, key pins, springs, flanges, agraffes, whippens, damper sets, grand hammer shank assemblies, grand rollers, wires, hinges, locks and keys, pin blocks (wrest planks), castor wheels and castor cups, piano dollies, pedals, music desks, rubber buttons and nails, and much more. Our range includes piano parts and piano action parts for both grand and upright pianos.

Our piano tools are sourced from all over the world. We have a wide range of piano tuning hammers (tuning levers) for both professional and occasional use.

To view our range of piano parts and materials, please view our downloadable Catalogue. If you would like any further information on any piano parts and materials, please ring us at our Sydney factory on (02) 9451 3500


Our lubricant range includes a range of PROTEK products:

CLP – Centre pin lubricant (available in 4oz or 32oz bottles)
PROLUBE – All-purpose lubricant in a spray pack
MLP – All-purpose grease

We stock also WINSLIP (graphite lubricant), Teflon powder, and THREE-BOND (dry Teflon spray).
Glues include EVOSTIK (contact cement), PVC-E, and TITEBOND. We have also animal (pearl) glue and liquid hide glue.

Piano polishes are available in the CORY range, including high-gloss, satin-sheen, conditioning polish and Key-Brite, as well as polishing cloths. A full TECH DETAILING KIT, containing all polishes, is available also. These Cory Piano polishes are highly recommended for preserving the casework of any piano.