We stock a range of rubberized cloths, tubing and leathers for player pianos, as well as a number of commonly needed parts and materials.
Our rubberized cloths include heavy bellows cloth, fine pneumatic cloth and motor cloth. These materials are also known as tosh. Pianola bellows cloth, pianola pneumatic cloth and pianola motor cloth are rubber-covered cotton cloths manufactured here in Australia specifically for use in Player Pianos and are of excellent quality.
Rolls of pianola tracker tubing and pianola control tubing are available in either rubber or plastic.
Leather parts and materials include pouch leather, flap valve and gasket leather, and leather nuts in all the common sizes.
We stock also a range of metal parts, including pianola transmission frames, brass nipples (straight and bent) for tracker and control, bleed cups, ladder chain, etc.
Please view our downloadable Catalogue to see our range of player piano (pianola) parts and materials. If you have any question, please give us a ring at our Sydney factory on (020 9451 3500.