Subject to available space, pianos may be shipped to our workshop for attention by Mr Emanuel Rey, one of Australia’s most respected Technicians. Emanuel graduated as a Master Piano Builder with the Swiss company Burger & Jacobi. He specialises in the following work:
» Grand & upright piano action and keys
  - restoration
  - rebuiding
  - modification if necessary
» Grand dampers/levers
  - restoration
  - rebuiding
  - modification if necessary
» Grand & upright piano re-stringing, including;
  - adjusting string bearing to balance down pressure on sound board
  - chip-up
  - other things he wants to add
» Grand & upright piano action regulation
» Grand damper & sostenuto regulation
»Grand & upright hammer drilling and cutting service
  - see section on hammers/custom boring and cutting
  - drilling and cutting is available only for hammers supplied
     by Parke Piano Strings & Materials.
Emanuel may be contacted on (02) 47541454, or use the following link to his website

We supply sheets of tuning plank material (sufficient for 2 or 3 wrest planks), or material may be cut to your specifications. Send a paper pattern if you would like a plank cut to an irregular shape.