Our lubricant range includes a range of PROTEK products:
CLP - Centre pin lubricant (available in 4oz or 32oz bottles)
PROLUBE - All-purpose lubricant in a spray pack
MLP - All-purpose grease
We stock also WINSLIP (graphite lubricant), Teflon powder, and THREE-BOND (dry Teflon spray).
Glues include EVOSTIK (contact cement), PVC-E, and TITEBOND. We have also animal (pearl) glue and liquid hide glue.
Piano polishes are available in the CORY range, including high-gloss, satin-sheen, conditioning polish and Key-Brite, as well as polishing cloths. A full TECH DETAILING KIT, containing all polishes, is available also. These Cory Piano polishes are highly recommended for preserving the casework of any piano.
Besides these proprietary products, we have buffing soaps and mops, burn-in sticks, tuning pin tightener, and a range of dispensing bottles.
Please refer to our downloadable Catalogue to view our full range of piano polishes, lubricants and adhesives. If you would like any further information, please give us a ring at our Sydney factory on (02) 9451 3500