We stock a complete range of sizes of Piano Wire (Music Wire). This is high tensile polished steel wire as used in pianos and other musical instruments. Piano wire (music wire) has also many applications outside the music industry for springs, string lines, cutting and so on, wherever tensile strength and elasticity are paramount. The wire is manufactured by Roslau in Germany and is of the highest quality.
We stock mainly 500g (1/2 Kg) rolls in all sizes from 0.20mm – 1.70mm (40 different sizes in all). Some sizes are available also in 2kg rolls. The wire has very high breaking strain for its diameter and is perfectly elastic within its elastic limits (it will return to its un-stretched length once tension is released). Tin-plated wire is available also in some sizes.
Please download our Catalogue to view the full range of piano wire (music wire) that we stock. Should you have any questions concerning our piano wire, please give us a ring at our Sydney factory on (02) 9451 3500.