We stock a comprehensive range of German and Japanese hammer heads for both upright & grand pianos.

Upright hammer heads are available pre-bored or un-bored, or may be custom-bored (and cut if required) from samples. Grand hammer heads are usually supplied un-bored or custom-bored.

For custom boring, send end hammers from each section, together with shanks, and state the number of hammers in each section.

Please state if new shanks are to be used, as this will determine the size of the drill hole.

Custom boring is done by Mr Emanuel Rey, swiss-trained piano builder, and one of Australia’s most highly regarded technicians. For more information about Emanual’s services, or to get in touch directly with him, a direct link to his website is provided below.

Occasionally, hammers cannot be supplied from stock and must be custom-made by our German supplier (Abel). We can order a set of custom-made hammers for you on the basis of the samples you supply (see above).The cost is usually not much greater than an equivalent set from stock, but obviously supply may take significantly longer.