We provide complete piano bass string-making services (all strings spun using top quality German steel and copper wire) :
» Full sets
» Partial sets
» Odd strings
» Hexacore Replacement Strings

These can be made to samples, rubbings (paper templates), or specifications. If sending samples, send all strings strictly in order on a piece of wire, preferably with the wire cut just below the tuning pin coil. Indicate any missing strings with a cardboard washer. When a rubbing is sent, please also include the first and last strings to allow me to accurately interpret the rubbing. If you are unsure of the best way to take a rubbing, please give me a ring. If you are sending specifications, list information for each string (see below for odd strings). In all cases, please quote Make, Model & Serial No. of piano if possible, as well as the total number of Monochords (Singles), Bichords (Doubles) and Trichords (wound triples). Indicate also the number of Break-Notes (wound strings on the tenor bridge). We have a vast library of scales for all makes and models of pianos, so in many cases it is possible to make a set of strings knowing only the make, model and serial number.

Please send samples, or measurements as below:
» Hitch pin to start of winding (Back Length)
» Winding length
» Diameter of steel core wire
» Overall diameter of wound section (state whether single or double wound)

State also the type of eye (loop) required (eg. English. Single German, Double German), and whether the lengths are measured with the string under tension or off the piano. Alternatively, lengths can be stated as hitch pin to inner bridge pin, and speaking length (vibrating length of string). If possible, quote note number (rather than string number), and make/model/serial no. of piano.

These strings are made in 20 sizes on hexagon wire, enabling copper to be cut to any required length. Numbered from No. 1 (thickest) to No. 20 (thinnest), the strings are available as a set of 20 or may be ordered individually. They are designed as a convenient stop-gap replacement in situations where it is difficult to order a custom replacement. Please contact me if you would like any more information on these strings.